I decided to make some Jambalaya and listen to BB King while I was cooking. I need good music,and a nice glass of red wine to get me creating. This is surely one dish that is exceptionally simple to make. I used diced chicken breasts,shrimps,and sliced andouille sausages. A triple combo that are joined together making harmony. I like my Jambalaya spicy…very spicy. There..I said it!IMG_20170725_234008_764

If you would like to know, Jambalaya is similar to (but distinct from) other rice-and-meat dishes known in Louisiana cuisine. Gumbo uses similar sausages, meats, seafood, vegetables and seasonings. However, gumbo includes filé powder and okra, which are not common in jambalaya. Gumbo is also usually served over white rice, which is prepared separate from the rest of the dish, unlike jambalaya, where the rice is prepared with the other ingredients.Étouffée is a stew which always includes shellfish such as shrimp or crayfish, but does not have the sausage common to jambalaya and gumbo. Also, like gumbo, étouffée is usually served over separately prepared rice.

Jambalaya has its origins in several rice-based dishes well attested in the Mediterranean cuisines of Spain and France, especially in the Spanish dish paella (native toValencia) and the French dish known asjambalaia (native to Provence). Other seasoned rice-based dishes from other cuisines include pilaf, risotto and Hoppin’ John.

Now that you have been informed,stay tuned for my next creation. Coming soon…

Chef Chichi



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