Earlier today,I have been wanting to make some Shakshuka. Shak-what???? It is a traditional dish that circulates in the Middle East. I have recently been digging deep into those roots which come from my grandmother. I recently saw a film which has inspired me even more to make this type of cuisine. First,you julienne one or two red peppers, and white onion sautee it with extra virgin olive oil and after a few minutes,add three cloves of garlic,and sautee some more. Then,add paprika,cumin,black pepper and salt,and sautee it all together. At this point,add fresh diced tomatoes in its juices,chopped roasted red peppers, diced red chile, feta cheese,and cotija cheese. Let all these flavors dance together on the sautee pan for about ten minutes. Now is the best part! Make some circles into the sauce and crack 5-6 eggs on top of the Shakshuka. Cover the pan for 6-7 minutes until the eggs are nicely poached. Sprinkle fresh cilantro over the eggs. Serve as a whole pan or individually. Grab some sliced challah bread and get to eating!!!!

Chef Chichi


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