Ropa Vieja (old clothes) and herb Couscous

IMG_20170416_221535_755Tonight I had extra flank meat on hand..and decided to make ropa vieja. I had someone ask me what do I do to make it different?

I love making it on a dutch oven. Braising the meat and reserving the juice/drippings from the meat. Julienne yellow peppers,red peppers,cubanelles,and red onions. Sautee them until tender and toss in the shredded flank meat that was braised and slow cooked. Add some fresh tomato paste,and two cans of tomato sauce,garlic,paprika,organic ,oregano, black pepper and some himalayan salt. Toss together….and add 1 cup of the reserved beef stock, 1/2 cup of red burgundy wine,green olives,roasted red peppers, parsley, and yessssss….capers!

Let it simmer until all components come together….serve with couscous and lime. I promise it will be delicious!!!

Chef Chichi


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