Shrimps & Proscuitto tossed with Rice Noodles

Honestly, I need to make more time to get on my site. I have been trying to find myself again ever since my mom passed away. I think I am discovering many things now. Tonight,I had tiger shrimps on hand,some proscuitto,and roma tomatoes. I wanted something light..

I seasoned my shrimps with garlic and herbs and sauteed them in some EVOO.

I then added proscuitto to get crispy together with garlic,diced shallots,and diced roma tomatoes…I then brought back the shrimp to the pot and stirred it together with some fresh cilantro,lemon,and chardonnay.

I boiled hot water and let the rice noodles stand for 8-10 minutes in the water. I drained the noodles and combined it all.

It was superb and quite simple really. Don’t complicate it,keep it simple. 🙂

Chef Chichi


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