Palomilla Steak+Homemade Red Potatoes+Sweet Onions=Let’s talk Cuban.

My Handsome Father on our trip to Key West. He will always be My Hemingway. That was his dog (tiny) he used to make jewelry for her.

Bueno…let’s talk Cuban. My father was born in Cuba…and he used to take me to Rio Cristal. El mejor lugar para comerte la mejor Palomilla. Te dan una Palomilla…con cebollitas y perejil….y una montaña de papitas! Que delicia! I remember you each time dad. Even your grandchildren love it to this day.


But…when I can’t arrive at that destination,and I am craving that in my life…I make it.


I also use Palomilla Steak..garlic..sweet onions..sour orange and lime juice. Of course you must make “salsita”with the yum yums on the bottom of the frying pan.  I used red potatoes and sliced them…and let them sit in salted water with “red wine vinegar”…yes…vinegar. 😃That is for you (Fatima) hahahahahaha!😂😂😂😂😂 My good friend likes to know some of my secrets. Fry the potatoes until they are golden brown..and serve. I love soaking the french fries on that salsita con limon!

On the side…I sliced fresh plum tomatoes and added basil and balsamic!

Con gusto…

Chef Chichi 😆






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