Hogfish Filet + Jasmine Rice+ Side of Black Beans


Good day my friends!

I made this dish a couple of days ago because I was truly craving some fresh seafood. Sometimes I love to go out and have it…but I love to make it myself. I dredged the filets in a breading I love ..(Louisiana Fish Fry). I seasoned them with tropical seasonings prior to breading them. Fry the filets until golden brown and squeeze some lime juice on them. I made my favorite jasmine rice with lime…and homemade black beans. This is simple…quick…and one of my favorite dishes to eat.

I am reminded of the times my father used to take me to Bahamas Restaurant…He got me addicted to fresh oysters and conch fritters! Frituritas de cobo y una bandeja con hielo y ostiones! To this day I still eat it…thanks dad…for letting me explore so many things with you.

Frituritas de Cobo
Bandeja de Ostiones. Fresh Oysters over ice.


If my father was alive…I know he would be proud of how far I have come in my life. I miss you dad.

Go make some Pez Perro and have ostiones while you are at it!

Chef Chichi








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